Devon Miller

Devon Hideo Miller
Subjects studied

(A2 – History, English Literature, Biology)

School activities

Member of international Fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon (at UH), At GSAL – D of E (Gold), Student council, History Society, GRC, Drama productions

University and subject

University of Hawaii at Manoa (History/English)

What are you doing now?

Current student at UH

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Being asked and accepted as a member of the prestigious, by invitation only National Society of Collegiate Scholars for being among one of the top upcoming academic in the University

How did you get to where you are today?

Having a good attitude, attentively listening to my professors, and knowing when to buckle down and strive for excellence in all of my papers.

What are your fondest memories of school?

Sitting in the 6th form garden, playing my Ukulele and drinking tea with friends. Drama, GRC, and English theatre trips.

Which teacher made the greatest impression on you and why?

Can't really select just one, as I had several. The thing about these teachers is that they actually took time to get to know me, and tried to help me succeed whenever they could. For example Dr. Milne, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Day, Dr. Gilbert, Ms. Walker, and Mrs Jagger. These teachers and more all gave me an example of what dedication and commitment looks like.

How did school prepare you for life?

GSAL taught me how to deal with difficult people, and how to deal with certain scenarios in order to avoid conflict. In life it is vital to understand that your not going to get along with everyone you meet, and you have to learn how to live alongside them. Also, the rather rigorous academic gauntlet that is A2's teach you how to manage your time in order to produce quality pieces of work.

What advice would give to current pupils of The Grammar School at Leeds?

Don't worry, it is only High School (pardon my American terms). Study as much as you can, but if you happen to not do well its not the end of the world. University is what you make it, and who you were socially in high school means absolutely nothing. Do what you want, in order to make yourself better, and don't worry about other people, because once you get to university the only ones that matter are the ones that you want to.

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