Old girls pledge travel support for bursary students

Thursday 5 May 2016

WEB Bus pass story

Invaluable support to help bursary students attend GSAL has come from ‘old girls’ of the school who are contributing towards travel costs.

The London branch of the Old Girls Club (OGC) was the first to rise to the challenge several years ago. The group had always made twice-yearly generous donations to the bursary fund however members were keen to make a direct contribution which would make a difference to a student on a daily basis.

Whilst the school helps over 200 children with fees there is not enough funding to assist with additional costs like travel, lunches or uniforms so the London branch agreed to help with a student’s bus fares to and from school.

A fundraising campaign, led by Jackie Chalmers, honorary secretary of the London branch, has now made a significant contribution to the cost of a bus pass for a bursary student.

Inspired by Jackie’s example, one of the first proposals by Joanne Pellow, when she became president of the OGC last year, was that the club should contribute to the bus costs of another bursary student.

Jackie said: “It is very satisfying to know we are helping an academically talented bursary student to progress through school, enabling her to participate fully in school life, including attending some of the many extracurricular school activities that are on offer.”

Joanne said: “We are delighted to follow the lead of the London branch and provide some support to a bursary student by way of a contribution to travel expenses. Our funds are limited but we hope this will make a difference and are intending – subject to some fund raising – to try and contribute in future years.”

Dawn Halliday, whose son benefits from the OGC funding, said: “I was very proud of my son when he was offered a place at The Grammar School at Leeds. As a single parent, even with the bursary, the cost is significant. I am more than grateful to the Old Girls Club for their help with travel costs.”

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