Frequently asked questions

What makes GSAL Sixth Form special?
How many students are in the teaching groups?
Which subjects are available at A-level?
How many A-levels can I study?
What A-level combinations are available?
What is the EPQ and will it help me get into university?
How do your exam results compare?
What support do you provide for students applying to university?
I’m not sure that I want to go to university after A-levels so what other options are available?
What does the GSAL sixth form provide outside the academic curriculum?
I’m not currently at GSAL so what support do you provide for new students joining the sixth form?
What are your sixth form entry requirements?
How do I apply for sixth form?



Further information

For any further queries about sixth form please contact our admissions manager:

Miss Alice Gibbons
Tel: 0113 228 5121

Or, if you prefer to chat with someone please call our admissions team on 0113 229 1552