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Alex Quigley: Confidence in the face of adversity

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Keynote speaker

Alex Quigley

Title of presentation:

Confidence in the face of adversity

Who is it for

All delegates

Brief synopsis of presentation:

Teachers are a hardy bunch. Not a general election goes by that we aren’t expected to reinvent the wheel, close numerous gaps, and make sure everyone within shouting distance makes outstanding progress.

Whilst teachers are too often overloaded with ill-judged fads and work-heavy policies, we can too easily miss, or be starved of time, to find the solutions that help us help our students.

As teachers in every school go about planning, teaching and assessing the new curriculum, this keynote talk presents the practical solutions to our array of bigger and harder national assessments. These solutions, rooted in decades of substantial research evidence can give us the necessary tools to design, plan and teach with confidence.

Profile of speaker:

Alex Quigley is the Director of Huntington Research School, York. An English teacher for nearly fourteen years, he combines teaching, leading research projects, writing blogs and edu-books, alongside his passion for marking essays [ok, that last bit isn’t strictly true]. He is the author of ‘The Confident Teacher’ and ‘Teach Now! English’, both for Routledge. He is currently writing a book on the importance of vocabulary [an elaborate procrastination strategy to put off his marking].



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