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Kamil Trzebiatowski – Busting 5 myths surrounding EAL learners

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Kamil Trzebiatowski

Name of Workshop

Busting 5 myths surrounding EAL learners

Who is it for

Everyone and anyone who comes into contact with EAL learners

Brief synopsis of workshop:

This session will look at some of the myths that can be encountered in many schools in the UK and beyond surrounding the way EAL students learn and how it is perceived they should learn. I will look at areas such as the use and the role of EAL students’ first languages, the difference between learning English as one’s first language and as a second language, the role of age in the acquisition of the second language as well as the issues related to EAL students who might have special educational needs as well. Presenting what previous research has said about these issues, I will directly confront such “folk pedagogies” and views. We will then consider what can be done to benefit EAL learners so as to avoid these issues, on both school-wide level and in classrooms themselves.

What you will get out of it:

Confront their own previous thinking about the task ahead of EAL learners in school setting and how English language should be learnt by EAL students in such circumstances by examining some of the second language acquisition research, and arming the attendees with practical ideas to take back to their schools and classrooms.

Profile of facilitator:

Kamil is a secondary school EAL Coordinator in Kingston-upon-Hull. He has 16 years of English language teaching experience, from England, Scotland and Poland. A strong EAL voice, he works towards bringing mainstream and EAL teachers together for the benefit of EAL learners. He is a member of NALDIC’s Executive Committee, an Associate of EAL Academy and a Pedagoo Curator in the Hull area. In April 2015, he organised the well-attended EAL TeachMeet at his school, and in June 2016, Hull’s first-ever EAL Conference.

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