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Caroline Mortlock: Drawing out the power of texts

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Caroline Mortlock

Name of Workshop

Drawing out the power of texts

Who is it for

All teachers – but especially English, Humanities, PSHE

Brief synopsis of workshop :

Drawing, doodling and diagramming are brilliant ways to help students learn and understand concepts. The workshop will share a number of accessible ways in which you can make teaching, learning and revision more engaging and effective by unleashing the power of your own – and your students’ – visual sense.  I will be sharing some approaches I have used to support students’ revision of poetry, as well as materials produced in collaboration with our History department. I will focus on using hand drawn work in preference to internet-generated pictures.

What you will get out of it

Confidence with using more of your own visual approaches in your teaching.

Profile of facilitator

Caroline Mortlock is a committed, passionate classroom teacher currently working as Lead Practitioner for Teaching and Learning at Beacon Academy, East Sussex. She has led four different English departments, worked as an assistant head in two challenging schools and is an incorrigible doodler.



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