Teaching and Learning Conference 2018

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Caroline Spalding and Chloe Woodhouse – Responding confidently to literary texts

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June 23, 2018

Workshop facilitator

Caroline Spalding and Chloe Woodhouse

Name of Workshop

Responding confidently – practical strategies for developing responses to literary texts

Who is it for

English teachers of all phases

Brief synopsis of workshop

This session will share ideas from our own classrooms about how teachers can develop student responses to literary texts. These include critical postcards, rainbow word analysis, and hinge questions. At its core is the simple philosophy that we need to:

Give them the ideas.

Give them the words.

Check that they know it.

Read it. Enjoy it.

What you will get out of it

‘Do now’ approaches to use on Monday morning.

Profile of facilitators

Caroline Spalding and Chloe Woodhouse teach at an all-through school in the ‘opportunity area’ of Derby. The school has a high percentage of students with EAL, SEND and who qualify for the Pupil Premium.  Caroline Spalding is Assistant Headteacher leading on Standards. She is part of the DfE’s Career Progression/QTS advisory group and an organiser of the Team English National Conference.  Chloe Woodhouse is the Learning Director for English and an Associate Senior Leader linking middle and senior leadership. She is also an SLE for English, an Edexcel examiner and currently navigating NPQSL.

Warning: both Caroline and Chloe talk at approximately 100mph and are very excitable about all things Teaching and Learning. You may need a stiff drink after this session.



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