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Charlotte Wright – Inspiration and perspiration, creating and maintaining hopeful NQTs

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Charlotte Wright

Name of Workshop

Inspiration and perspiration; creating and maintaining hopeful NQTs

Who is it for?

New teachers and NQT mentors

Brief synopsis of workshop

Media narratives about the NQT year might lead new entrants into the profession into believing it could be all anxiety, panic and exhaustion. But Secret Teacher articles about punitive rites of passage should not be framing our thinking about the NQT year.

This workshop will offer a strong counter-narrative, with practical suggestions about how to make the transition into the NQT year positive and rewarding. Charlotte will share her experiences of working with NQTs across a range of subjects, in a range of different types of school, discuss common challenges, and offer suggestions about how to contribute to an enriching and fortifying NQT culture in your school.

What you will get out of it

Practical ideas – for example about how to manage workload, or what to do after a difficult lesson – and a renewed belief in your own ability to effect educational change.

Profile of facilitator

Charlotte has worked as a secondary teacher of English for 22 years, in ‘Outstanding’, ‘Good’ and ‘Special Measures’ schools. She taught on the Oxford University English PGCE for 2 years before making the (very wise) move up to Yorkshire, and currently works as Trainee and NQT Support Officer at Leeds Trinity University – whilst still teaching part of the week in a Leeds School. She has written for NATE’s EnglishDramaMedia (now Teaching English), worked on NATE’s post-16 committee, and acted as an editor for Achieving QTS: Learning and Teaching in Secondary Schools, and is interested in learning more about all teachers’ experiences of transition between schools.



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