Teaching and Learning Conference 2018

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Chris Curtis – Being open about mistakes made in the classroom

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June 23, 2018

Workshop facilitators

Chris Curtis

Name of Workshop

Why we need to be open about mistakes made in the classroom?

Who is it for

Teachers at all levels.

Brief synopsis of workshop :

Why are we not open about the mistakes we make or have made?  Why is it that we are not open to NQTs about the mistakes they should be avoiding?

Why is it that we feel the need to deflect and defend rather than discuss, explore and address mistakes?  Mistakes are an important part of learning and we need to look at how we utilise them in the classroom to get better, and ultimately help students to get better. In this session, I will share the mistakes I have made as a teacher, head of department and member of SLT and the ways I have got better at dealing, coping and admitting mistakes.  Mistakes are an important part of teaching and not just learning. We can all learn something from our mistakes.

What you will get out of it

An insight into some of the barriers to improving teaching. An understanding of some of the mistakes that others have made.

Profile of facilitator

An English teacher. A head of department. A member of LMT. A teacher directing teaching and learning across a school.  Chris Curtis is a prolific blogger and has contributed to several books related to teaching. He occasionally writes for TES and other websites.  He is currently editing his first book on teaching English in a secondary school.




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