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Debbie Ferrer – Cultural Capital: enhancing a whole school culture

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June 23, 2018

Workshop facilitator

Debbie Ferrer

Name of Workshop

Cultural Capital: enhancing a whole school culture

Who is it for


Brief synopsis of workshop :

‘…it [education] is in fact one of the most effective means of perpetuating the existing social pattern, as it both provides an apparent justification for social inequalities and gives recognition to the cultural heritage, that is, to a social gift treated as a natural one.’ (Bourdieu, 1974: 32)

Assessment and exam grades are a vital part of the school experience and open doors to further education and the world of work. However, it is of course vital to also provide an opportunity for all young people (regardless of background and ability) the time, knowledge and awareness of the wider world in order to develop critical thinking in order to promote social mobility which can have a life-time impact.

The big question is how can schools enhance and develop a culture which can promote social mobility further and ensure that young people are equipped with a wide range of skills which promote critical awareness, a love and appreciation of literature and resilience?

What you will get out of it

Easy to use strategies of ways to embed and sustain an awareness of the value of cultural capital and critical thinking both as an individual, in teams and across the whole school.

Profile of facilitator

Debbie Ferrer is an English teacher with over ten years of classroom experience. In her previous school she led on EAL and it currently an Acting Assistant Head teacher, SLE and an Engiish PiXL Associate.



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