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Dr Kristy Turner: Choose your own adventure

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Dr Kristy Turner

Name of Workshop

Choose your own adventure: finding fulfilment in your teaching career

Who is it for

All delegates

Brief synopsis of workshop :

What should a teaching career look like? A series of steps upwards from trainee and NQT through various TLRs to the dizzying heights of management?  This workshop will encourage you to reconnect with you’re the reasons you became a teacher and help you to think about creative ways to approach a teaching career as a long and winding road rather than a relentless march to the top.  Along the way I’ll discuss the various projects I am involved with and those I lead ‘from the bottom’ and discuss the role of personal fulfilment in maintaining a rewarding career in teaching.

What you will get out of it:

A bit of reflection and hopefully some inspiration.

Profile of facilitator:

Kristy has been a secondary chemistry teacher in state and independent schools for 11 years. In her career so far Kristy has been a fast track teacher, a Head of Department, a school teacher fellow, a lecturer and ‘just’ a teacher.  She currently and uniquely splits her time between teaching at Bolton School Boys’ Division and the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester.  She is actively involved with her professional association and the chemistry education community connecting educators in secondary and higher education as well as pursuing her own research interests.  Kristy’s education research interests include transition between post-16 study and higher education, developing and evaluating creative ways of teaching difficult concepts, assessment design and questioning.  She is passionate about collaboration between teachers, facilitating this by hosting informal Teachmeet events bringing science teachers, technicians and academics together with pizza and cake!



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