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Jack Marwood: Education data, friend or foe?

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Jack Marwood

Name of Workshop

Education data – friend or foe?

Who is it for

Anyone interested in the use of numbers in education

Brief synopsis of workshop :

How much do you really know about the numbers which are used in education? Do you know how tests are constructed, and what underpins the numbers they generate? And what if what you think you know is wrong?

Drawing on ideas in his forthcoming book, ‘Databusting for Schools’, Jack will explore the evolution of the generation and use of numbers in education, before focusing on testing, discussing ways in which summative assessments have been developed, and to what extent education data helps or hinders education.

‘Education data: friend or Foe?’ follows on from Jack’s 2015 presentation ‘What if everything you knew about education data was wrong?’, and will appeal to both primary and secondary audiences.

What you will get out of it

You will gain a valuable insight into the history and use of education data, helping you to interpret the assessments made in schools.

Profile of facilitator

Jack studied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Leeds, before embarking on a career in theatre and advertising. He trained as a teacher in 2003 and has taught in a wide range of primary schools, from inner city to rural, from the very large to the extremely small. Ten years into his teaching career, Jack began writing about the state of education in England. His writing focuses, amongst other areas, on the way in which the use of data is affecting teaching and learning in England.



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