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James Bleach: Design Technology break-out afternoon

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Keynote Speaker

James Bleach

Workshop facilitators

John Bagshaw and Phil Wickham

Name of Session

Design technology break-out afternoon

Who is it for

Design technology teachers

Brief synopsis of workshop :

This session will provide an opportunity to hear from and ask questions to James Bleach – founder of jambledt resources and Facebook page.

This will be followed by a hands on practical activity hosted by the GSAL D&T department where delegates will be able to make a “speaker in a cup” using a variety of different materials including concrete and resin and an opportunity to see how a variety of projects have evolved at GSAL over the past year.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss GCSE and A-Level projects in light of the new curriculum.

What you will get out of it

Wonderful opportunity to hear from James Bleach and how he has been developing and sharing resources and the opportunity to make an actual product with a scheme of work.

Profile of speaker

James Bleach has been teaching Design and Technology for 12 years and has been the successful Head of D&T at Lawnswood school in Leeds, Samuel Ward Academy in Haverhill and he is currently Head of Creative Arts & Lead Practitioner of D&T, IES Breckland in Suffolk and has recently accepted a post as Head of D&T at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

James is the founder of jambledt resources which includes a file sharing and resources website and the extremely popular and well used facebook group of the same name used by 1000’s of teachers nationally and internationally to discuss issues and share resources.

James received an award from DATA in 2015 and has been asked to speak at numerous national and international events including being the keynote speaker at IDTC Dubai 2015 about the quality of his resources and resource sharing philosophy.



Website and blog

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