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Jennifer Webb – Differentiation: a teacher’s super power

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Jennifer Webb

Name of Workshop

Differentiation: a teacher’s super power

Who is it for

Classroom teachers, teaching assistants, trainee teachers

Brief synopsis of workshop:

Ticking a box, extra worksheet, adding on….differentiation can become stale and become an after thought in our planning. This session aims to show that a truly personalised approach at the core of our practice can remove barriers, accelerate progress, improve relationships and empower us to be the super heroes we are.

What you will get out of it:

Practical strategies for the classroom and questions for reflective teachers.

Profile of facilitator:

Jennifer Webb is Head of English at Appleton Academy, a 3-18 school in Bradford. She has worked as a lead practitioner and an AST designate, impacting on wide areas of T&L in her own school and as a consultant elsewhere. She is currently working in her NPQSL, focusing on CPD delivery and enhancing T&L culture. Jenny has founded two poetry performance festivals in Leeds and Bradford schools, and has facilitated work by international artists with students in West Yorkshire state schools.



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