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John Murray – Reading fluency – beyond the mechanics

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

John Murray

Name of Workshop

Reading fluency – beyond the mechanics to improve reading comprehension

Who is it for

Primary school teachers

Brief synopsis of workshop:

John will consider the importance of reading fluency, an integral aspect of reading comprehension that goes far beyond the mechanics of being able to read ninety words a minute. He will demonstrate a variety of ways in which we can support children as they engage with text and improve their understanding of it.

Ideal for those who work with learners who have mastered the mechanics of reading but who still struggle to access and interpret the written word at a deeper level, this workshop will give you helpful tips and guidance on how to enable your students to engage with text more fully and take ownership of their own reading development.

Practical, informative and fun, this reading comprehension workshop will give teachers an insight into the power of bringing the text to life and enthuse even the most reluctant of readers.

What you will get out of it:

An understanding of the need to consider reading fluency as a means of supporting and enhancing reading comprehension, one that actively involves each and every learner so that they are not a bystander to their own reading assessment and development.

Profile of facilitator:

John Murray has been a primary teacher for many years before becoming an educational author and consultant specialising in developing children’s reading comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. He is the creator of Reading Explorers, which is widely recognised as one of the most successful guided reading series in the UK. His new series Top Class offers an insight into how best to approach this important aspect of Literacy, using a ‘text-centric’ approach to the teaching, learning and application of Grammar.

John is now a Literacy Consultant, CPD trainer and guest speaker at key educational events. His seminars and training focus specifically on reading and spelling, punctuation and grammar development.



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