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John Murray – Reading Intervention for the Struggling Reader

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June 23, 2018

Workshop facilitator

John Murray

Name of Workshop

Reading Intervention for the Struggling Reader

Who is it for

Primary school teachers, SENCOs, Literacy leaders

Brief synopsis of workshop:

Have you got learners in your class you can decode but their comprehension is low and their understanding of vocabulary is weak?

Focusing on those learners who have transitioned from the mechanics of reading into skills-based reading but who may have gaps and lag behind their peers, this very practical workshop will provide you with techniques and strategies that support and equip the developing reader move forward and make progress.

Using a range of reading and thinking skills, your learners will understand and engage with text more deeply and apply these skills in a way that encourages independent learning.

Suitable to use in whole class reading sessions, as well as smaller reading intervention groups, this is a must for all those who want all in their class to become confident and happy readers.

What you will get out of it:

A structured approach to support and encourage the developing reader.

Profile of facilitator:

John Murray is a highly regarded educational consultant who specialises in developing children’s reading comprehension.

He is the creator of Reading Explorers, widely regarded as one of the most successful Guided Reading series in the UK and sold worldwide.

His aim is to help both school and learner look forward, improve their performance and secure best practice. Above all, it is to enhance and promote a lifelong love of the written word.

John also provides CPD Training and is often invited to be a guest speaker at key educational events. His seminars and training focus specifically on how to nurture the developing reader and support them on their journey to success.



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