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Lisa Ashes – Leadership in Unfamiliar Territories

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June 23, 2018

Workshop facilitator

Lisa Ashes

Name of Workshop

Leadership in Unfamiliar Territories

Who is it for

Aspiring leaders (whether that be leading teaching and learning or leading on a small project as a new teacher). Also, anyone interested in volunteering in developing countries.

Brief synopsis of workshop :

We will explore leadership through the lens of Lisa’s experiences of leading volunteers in Nepal. What does it really mean to be a leader? Can anybody lead? The real skills required when the going gets tough and how we can apply that in our own situations both in and out of school.

What you will get out of it

A good look at yourself and your personal position as a leader. Deep discussions with likeminded educators. Perhaps a reality check when looking at the problems developing world teachers are facing.


Profile of facilitator

Lisa Jane Ashes is a self-employed teacher, consultant and author of Manglish: Bringing Maths and English Together Across the Curriculum. Her new book, Teacher in a Cupboard, is due for release in September and is a very human view of problem solving in education. Her varied roles from Teaching and Learning Leader to Supply teacher give her a unique insight to the problems we face at all levels of our careers. She is a trustee of the charity Reach Out 2 Schools (www.reachout2schools.com), founded by Isabella Wallace, who are continuing to fund education-centric work in countries such as Nepal, India and South Africa. The organisation is also working on education projects within the UK, with Lisa using her knowledge of creativity within the curriculum to build better education for the most in need.



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