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Louisa Enstone: Reclaiming Writing: The writing teacher’s workshop

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Louisa Enstone

Name of Workshop

Reclaiming Writing: The Writing Teacher’s Workshop

Who is it for

Primary and secondary teachers of writing

Brief synopsis of workshop :

This workshop is for anyone who teaches writing – primary, secondary, FE, English teacher or not. Perhaps like me you are a secret writer, or a dreamer of writing. Well, in this session we will give birth to new characters, create staggering landscapes, and set ideas free. Together we will take time to reflect on what great writing is and how to achieve it in our classrooms, testing out strategies to enthuse the next generation of writers.   Most of this session will be sent in the practice of writing; a great chance to develop your own writing voice and find new ways to model live writing in your classroom.

What you will get out of it

Time to write and reflect, ideas and activities for your classroom

Profile of facilitator

With undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Creative Writing under her belt, Louisa went on to do what one might expect from a budding writer – get a job in the City of London. For 12 years she worked for both Ernst & Young and Deloitte, this period of her life ground to halt with the 2008 Banking Crisis.  Louisa then trained to teach English as a foreign language, working with diplomats in London and overseas, and then in 2010 completed a PGCE in Secondary English at Goldsmiths.  Since then Louisa has taught at two large secondary schools in South-East London.  Louisa writes everyday, every damned day.






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