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Mark Roberts: Rethinking boys’ engagement

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Mark Roberts

Name of Workshop

Rethinking boys’ engagement: research-based strategies to boost the progress of boys

Who is it for

Will mainly focus on secondary context, but would also be useful for primary and FE colleagues.

Brief synopsis of workshop :

Current approaches to improving boys’ attainment are well-intentioned but misguided. CPD sessions and strategies for improvement are often based on little more than stereotypical generalisations about what it is to be a young male in the classroom. This session will provide a fresh understanding of the issues of gender and attainment. This will include:

  • The problem with boys
  • What the research really tell us
  • Popular misconceptions about boys’ engagement
  • Practical, research-based strategies to help boys succeed in your school


What you will get out of it

An opportunity to challenge your thinking about boys’ engagement and help you reappraise your attitude towards male pupils in your lessons.

Profile of facilitator

Mark Roberts is Assistant Principal – Director of English and Mathematics at Tavistock College, a mixed 11-18 comprehensive in Devon. Before moving down south, he worked for 8 years teaching English at an inner-city comprehensive for boys in Manchester. Recently, he successfully completed an NPQSL, which included a whole school project on boosting the progress of FSM boys.

Mark blogs frequently on English teaching pedagogy and subject knowledge, general teaching and learning strategies, and any other issues in education that take his fancy. He contributes to the TES and emag, the magazine for A level English students.



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