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Mathew Sullivan: How to be a literacy superhero

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Mathew Sullivan

Name of Workshop

Engagement, expectations, equipment – how to be a literacy superhero

Who is it for

KS2 teachers/SLT and KS3 English teachers/leads

Brief synopsis of workshop :

This workshop will explore three key elements that, when combined correctly, make up a successful and impactful approach to literacy teaching. It will explore the use of superheroes and popular media, as well as Shakespeare and traditional children’s tales as stimuli for writing, and it will demonstrate how this ‘no-brow’ approach can inspire high-quality writing from competent, confident and engaged writers.

What you will get out of it

Delegates will leave with an understanding of how popular media, including superhero tales, can be harnessed in the classroom to produce exceptional writing and unlock literary techniques usually reserved for much older writers. They will understand the three key aspects of a successful whole-school writing approach, and the language systems that underpin effective teaching.

Profile of facilitator

Mathew Sullivan is a full-time class teacher, Key Stage Leader and Literacy coordinator from Stockport, working in Manchester. He has provided national CPD training on whole-school writing approaches and the use of comics to enhance Literacy teaching (evaluated as ‘superb’ and ‘inspiring’ by attendees). He also works as a creative and pedagogic consultant for the Manchester Metropolitan University Comic SMART initiative, where his techniques are implemented in high schools across Manchester. Mathew has written three books for teachers: ‘Developing Writing Through Comics’, ‘A Second Book of Exciting Sentences’ and ‘The Ultimate Guide to Non-Fiction Writing’, the latter two co-written with international educational consultant Alan Peat. His first work of fiction, ‘Melvin McGee: Zombie Hunter’ is currently competing in the final of The People’s Book Prize. He is an Ofsted graded ‘Outstanding’ teacher, and was named Silk 106.9 Teacher of the Year in 2012.



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