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Mike Bell: The emerging consensus in education

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Mike Bell

Name of Workshop

The emerging consensus in education

Who is it for

Any teacher who wants to improve the learning of their students using proven methods.

Brief synopsis of workshop:

Evidence-Based Teachers Network (EBTN) has sifted the evidence and shown that there is far more agreement than there appears and that an evidence-based consensus already exists. Almost all new research supports part of this bigger picture.  EBTN has combined all the major lists into a 6-step approach which makes it accessible to teachers.

On the surface there seems to be little agreement in education. Most ideas are based on opinion, rather than evidence.  However, by combining the results of 5 different major studies of the evidence, EBTN can show that there is wide agreement among those who look at the evidence and that we know, in broad terms, how to improve learning.

What you will get out of it:

An introduction to the evidence and where to find it. Links to the most effective methods and ways to achieve the high effect-sizes shown by the research.

Profile of facilitator:

Mike Bell taught science in a mainstream secondary school and now runs the Evidence-Based Teachers Network; a worldwide network of over 7000 teachers who want to use evidence-based methods and policies in their teaching.

EBTN has run training sessions in dozens of schools and colleges and are now developing an online resource where teachers can access more detail on how to implement the evidence.



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