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Rachel Bloomfield-Proud & John Quill – Mindfulness in a school setting

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Workshop facilitator

Rachel Bloomfield-Proud and John Quill

Name of Workshop

An introduction to mindfulness in a school setting – a practical case study of one school’s journey.

Who is it for

Aimed at anyone who is interested in strategies to improve the mental health of our young people (and staff); anyone who is interested in finding out about mindfulness or implementing mindfulness into the school setting or who have indeed started the process of introducing mindfulness into their own schools. For school leaders, pastoral carers, Heads of Year, boarding staff, curriculum planners, Teachers of KS2-5, PSHCE teachers.

Brief synopsis of workshop :

A practical insight into how one school has started to introduce and implement Mindfulness.

Participants will be introduced to:

  • Mindfulness
  • The benefits of a mindfulness course to improve the mental health of our young people (and teachers).
  • The Mindfulness in Schools Project.
  • The story so far at RMS….how one school has introduced mindfulness- formal and informal approaches. Rachel and John will share their own experiences with the group.

During the workshop participants will also be introduced to some practical Mindfulness and there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss shared experiences and the chance for Q and A throughout.

What you will get out of it

An understanding of what mindfulness is and what it is not. Practical ideas of how to start and develop the process of introducing mindfulness in a school setting.

Profile of facilitator

Rachel Bloomfield-Proud is Senior Teacher, Community at the Royal Masonic School for Girls (RMS), Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. She developed and introduced a Values Programme into the school eight years ago. It was also at this time she became interested in the Mindfulness in Schools Project and attended some of the early conferences held at Tonbridge School.

John Quill is the Chaplain at RMS.

Rachel and John are in the process of introducing Mindfulness at RMS using the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Both Rachel and John have undertaken Mindfulness courses, have their own mindfulness practice and have attended the Teach .b training course. They currently both teach the .b programme to Year 8 students. John also uses practical Mindfulness exercises to assist students in a variety of pastoral situations.


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