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Professor Tanya Byron – How to survive and thrive: the challenges for children and young people and those that support them

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June 23, 2018

Keynote speaker

Professor Tanya Byron

Title of keynote

How to survive and thrive: the challenges for children and young people and those that support them

Brief synopsis of talk :

In our final keynote, Professor Tanya Byron will bring our focus back to the challenges the young people in our schools face as they become tomorrow’s leaders. Tanya will outline the mental health challenges that they face. She will explain what is occurring physiologically in our children’s brains when they experience mental health problems and outline what we can learn from this knowledge. She will go on to explore how we can best help our children and how we might avoid contributing further to an already anxious system.

Profile of keynote speaker

Professor Tanya Byron is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist specialising in working with children and adolescents (both in the NHS and privately) for almost 30 years.

Tanya did her first degree in Psychology at the University of York and trained in Clinical Psychology at University College London and her doctorate (The treatment of cocaine, amphetamine and ecstasy misusers) at University College Hospital and the University of Surrey.

She is a Professor in the Public Understanding of Science. She has honorary doctorates from the Open University and the University of York. She is Chancellor of Edge Hill University and also an Honorary Professor of Psychology at Shangdong Normal University, China.

Tanya advises governments nationally and internationally about children and young people in relation to mental health and digital media.

As a clinician, journalist, author and broadcaster she works with and writes about a variety of psychological and emotional issues as well as mental health difficulties that affect people of all ages.



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