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Steve Mallen: Mental health in education

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Keynote speaker:

Steve Mallen

Title of presentation:

Mental health in education

Who is it for

All delegates

Brief overview of the presentation :

This presentation will cover the growing crisis of mental illness and psychological disorder in the school system and its impact on pupils and staff.

We will examine the key issues, outline the resources and options open to schools and consider the latest research and government proposals for reform.

What you will get out of it:

A detailed understanding of adolescent mental health and the role of education.

Profile of speaker:

Steve Mallen is Chair of The MindEd Trust which was formed following the tragic death of his son, Edward in February 2015. Steve is a recognised expert on adolescent mental health and his Trust is dedicated to improve emotional resilience and mental health literacy in the school system.

A noted mental health campaigner, Steve is a member of the National Suicide Action Group at the Department of Health and has recently advised the Select Committees on Suicide Prevention and The Role of Education in Young People’s Mental Health. Professionally, he has 30 years’ experience as an International management consultant.



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