Top rugby coaches go back to school for a day

Friday 18 October 2013

WEB Rugby conference Stuart Lancaster and John MacKenzie

GSAL has played host to an important conference to develop the expertise of coaches charged with developing the elite rugby players of the future.

At the England Rugby strength and conditioning conference, around 55 delegates with coaching responsibilities at clubs, schools and universities across the country were put through their paces by England Rugby’s top coaches.

Following an introduction by England Rugby head coach Stuart Lancaster, the coaches used GSAL’s sport facilities to explore aspects of training including free weights, wrestling and grappling, sport psychology and nutrition. GSAL’s first XV stepped up to demonstrate how small games could be used to analyse and develop technique.

Stuart Lancaster said: “The day is about educating coaches responsible for developing young athletes aged 12 to 18, particularly in strength, conditioning and sport psychology. It’s great to come to GSAL which has facilities to accommodate a course of this elite nature, and will benefit the school’s first XV who have the chance to experience coaching from our leading coaches.”

First XV vice-captain George Hall said: “We’ve learnt lots – the experts from the England coaching setup have brought something to the table that we can take to the training ground and use to develop us as players, it’s been a fantastic opportunity.”

Stuart Lancaster is pictured (left) with John Mackenzie, GSAL head of rugby

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