Adventures in Valencia for Year 9

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Over half term 36 Year 9 students and four staff members headed off to Valencia for five days. Year 9 students Kirat and Francesca report on their trip:

On our first full day we went to the Art and Science Museum which had interactive exhibits ranging from media to astrology; there was something there for everyone. Later we saw the outstanding dolphin show at the aquarium, with impressive feats of agility and intelligence on display. A particular favourite in the aquarium were the beluga whales. In the evening we set off for the Turia Park; once it was a river bed. There a huge sculpture of Gulliver from the famous story was created to climb on.

Next day we went on a river boat ride in the stunning Albufera National Park. We saw a selection of birds and fish however there was disappointment at the lack of crocodiles. Then we went round El Palmar village in small groups for lunch, which is the home of paella. In the afternoon we went to explore the most beautiful caves in Valencia, by boat on the underground river. There was a love rock which everyone touched to receive good luck. The caves were mysterious and natural. We finished the evening off with a quiz.

On our final full day we headed into the old town and practised our language skills in the market by ordering lunch and asking for directions. There was some delicious food available there for example freshly made paella which comes from Valencia originally. Some people tried the local drink horchata, which is tiger nut milk. In the cathedral, for just €1 you could climb the 207 stairs to the top of the bell tower where there were the most breathtaking views of the city.

Later we visited the Mestalla, the Valencia FC stadium where we saw memorabilia and the king’s seat and even stepped onto the football pitch. In the early evening we caught a tram to the beach and played football, sunbathed and rested. After dinner we went to the shopping centre to spend our last evening and had a certificate ceremony.

Overall it was a memorable trip, the weather was glorious with a scorching heat of 26-29 degrees and we enjoyed every minute of it.

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