Oliver Ziff

Oliver Ziff GSAL Alumni
Subjects studied

Maths, Biology, Chemistry

School activities

Sporting – Cross country, Track and Field, Swimming, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Science club – life at the edge

University and subject

Birmingham, Medicine

What are you doing now?

Academic Junior Doctor at University College London

What is your biggest achievement to date?

1. My Wife
2. Surviving LGS
3. Winning the British University Championships for Triathlon twice

How did you get to where you are today?

Great teachers, grafting, perseverance, never accepting anything less than my best, dreaming.

What are your fondest memories of school?

My teachers – Mr Smith and Mrs Walker in Biology; Dr Hotchkiss and Mr Peacock in Chemistry; Mr Leach and Mr Wilkinson in Maths; Mr Knowles in PE – to name but a few.
My peers – Rob Bloom, Alex Kaitcer, James Dean, Marcus Mann, Seb Lawrence, Ben Jacobs, Jim Zhong, Moji Neshat, Sam Kaye amongst many others.
The Grounds – couldn’t beat a lunchtime run around the scenic LGS alwoodley gates grounds.

Which teacher made the greatest impression on you and why?

Too many but one highlight was being called in to Dr Mark Baileys office (the then headmaster) after being found out to be involved with the muck up day activities – taught me a key lesson that I will never forget – in all my actions I ultimately carry sole responsibility for the effect.

How did school prepare you for life?

I don’t believe anything can prepare you fully for what lies ahead but LGS certainly did a good job. It gave me a broad education that helps me everyday get by. It taught me to value my peers and the importance of teamwork. But most importantly it taught me that the only place success comes before hard work is in the dictionary.

What advice would give to current pupils of The Grammar School at Leeds?

1. Expose yourself to as many subjects and activities as you can. Keep searching until you find something you love.
2. When you find something you love, commit to it and give it your best shot. Nothing is out of your reach.
3. Enjoy the ride. Make good friends and treasure your teachers.

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