Junior School ‘mathletes’ race up the leaderboard

Thursday 6 April 2017

Junior School pupils at The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) numbered among the world’s best when they enjoyed a winning week on an online maths platform for students.

Mathletics is an online learning resource that supports the curriculum, enhancing classroom learning with maths problems, games and other activities. The Hall of Fame introduces a fun element of competition, as pupils can monitor their individual and class progress, nationally or worldwide.

During one outstanding week last term, every single class at GSAL Junior School appeared on the UK Hall of Fame, and some even broke into the world leaderboard. This extraordinary effort by the young mathematicians had been spurred on by using Mathletics as the vehicle for the Junior School house maths competition.

Jane Fisher from Mathletics came to a special assembly to highlight their achievements and present certificates and prizes. She had set the pupils three goals – everyone to achieve a certificate (which needs 1,000 points), to aim for 5,000 points and for everyone to get their class into the Hall of Fame.

Jane said: “I set you 5,000 points as a goal and some of you went for 18,000 or even 24,000! At the end of the week out of 50 classes from the whole UK in the Hall of Fame 20 were GSAL Junior. What an amazing week.  You’ve shown you can rise to a challenge and go above and beyond.”

Year 5 pupil Sash Ganguly said: “I enjoyed how we had to compete against each other and I learned some new things like algebra. I’m carrying on with Mathletics, since I’ve got more experience now I can aim even higher. I got 24,000 points so can aim for 25,000 or 26,000!”

Year 4 teacher Miss Rennoldson, who organised the competition, said: “It’s been an outstanding effort. It’s motivational, the idea we can do it, they were set a very hard target but the house competition meant they pulled together collaboratively and exceeded expectations.”

The top 10 scorers are pictured showing off their Mathlete badges.

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