North Independent Secondary School of the Year 2020

A typical day

A typical day, in the words of one of our pupils

“Daddy drops me off at 8.00am because he has to get to work. One of the teachers is always there to meet me in the playground and some of my friends are usually there, as they arrive at 7.45am. The bell goes at 8.25am for registration and our teachers take us inside, do the register, ask us which of the clubs or activities we are doing during the day and check who is travelling by bus or going to after school care. Next it’s assembly. Friday’s celebration assembly is my favourite because we get our merit certificates and get to hear all the match reports from the teams that have played that week.

Lessons start at 9.00am. They are usually with our form teacher but we have different, specialist teachers for Music, French and PE/games. The lessons are good but we do get homework each night which we have to write in our Communication Diary. There is a mid-morning break where we can meet our friends, play ball, take turns to go on the climbing frames or just chat. Once a week I also have a clarinet lesson.

Lunch is at 12.00pm in the school dining hall or refectory. There is a lot of choice and I can always find something that I like. I sometimes have salad when it’s warm outside but I like treacle sponge and custard when it’s cold! After lunch we can play or there are loads of clubs to join. I swim on one day and do musical things such as choir and wind band on the others.

In the afternoon it’s back to lessons until 3.25pm. If I go home on the bus, I go to a classroom with a teacher until 3.55pm where I can make a start on my homework or read until they take us to the buses. Mrs Cox always makes sure that we get on the right bus! I usually stay to do more clubs. I did drama and hockey in the winter and rounders in the summer. I even got picked for the rounders team and played in Friday afternoon fixtures against other schools. On some nights, my mum collects me at 3.25pm from the playground. We stand with our teacher until we are collected. We shake hands with our teacher as we leave and sometimes my mum and my teacher have a chat.

Once I get home, there is usually homework to be done. Sometimes it’s a page of maths, sometimes spellings or sometimes research or a project. We have to do some reading too. Sometimes we are allowed to use computers but there is some work that we have to do in fountain pen by hand! Once it’s done, my mum signs my Communication Diary and Reading Record, then it’s time to relax!

It’s really busy here and the days whizz by. I’ve certainly never been bored!”

Charlotte (Y6)

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What our pupils say

“I loved it when I first came because I made friends straight away.”

Maiya, Year 3

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