Royal Astronomical Society gives recognition to star student

Thursday 27 November 2014

WEB Dr D'Vali and Manjari DharA student whose exam results were already out of this world has earned an accolade from the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) for her achievement in GCSE astronomy.

Manjari Dhar, lower sixth, received a certificate from the RAS in recognition of finishing in the top 12 of all GCSE astronomy candidates nationally. Her achievement is all the more impressive because she had to study the subject in her spare time, on top of the ten subjects already taken in class.

At GSAL students can start the two-year course for GCSE astronomy in year 10 or 11. They study with physics teachers Michelle D’Vali and Derek Fry in two lunchtime lessons per week, as well as completing independent study.

Dr D’Vali said: “It’s a big commitment to take on the astronomy GCSE, and Manjari went above and beyond, completing some outstanding practical work. All those nights spent outside clearly paid off!”

Mr Fry, who was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society over 30 years ago,  said: “This is well-deserved, for Manjari to have her achievement recognised by the most prestigious astronomical society in the world.”

Manjari is pictured with Dr D’Vali.

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