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Alex Quigley: Closing the vocabulary gap

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June 23, 2018

Keynote speaker

Alex Quigley

Title of presentation:

Closing the vocabulary gap

Who is it for

All teachers

Brief synopsis of workshop:

Pupils in our classrooms face the increased challenge of a new curriculum. Crucially, however, there are 50,000 small solutions hidden in plain sight. When pupils have the academic vocabulary of school, they are better prepared to succeed. By helping our pupils grow their vocabulary to something like 50,000 words, we offer a vital gateway to school success.

Alex explores the significant ‘word gap’ that sees many of our pupils struggle with reading comprehension and accessing the new curriculum, from before children get to school, to struggling with academic reading at A Level and GCSE. He offers a range of practical strategies to address the word gap in every classroom, growing the lexicon of every pupil.


What will you get out of it?

An understanding of key issues and barriers faced by every pupil we teach. Alongside practical classroom strategies.

Profile of speaker:

Alex Quigley is the Director of Huntington Research School, in York. He is an EEF Developer for other research schools, as well as being an English teacher. He writes a blog at www.theconfidentteacher.com, with his latest book, ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’, being published by Routledge in April of 2018. He also writes for TES and Teach Secondary. He is a trustee of ResearchEd and a member of the College of Teaching.



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