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Travel entrepreneur sets his sights on Far East

Friday 24 May 2019

A travel app launched by Jack MacHugh (GSAL12), which helps travellers plan European Interrail trips, is being expanded to take in the Far East.

Jack, who developed the app with his business partner Jack Cowell while they were both still students at Bath University, is aiming to make travel easier to Japan to coincide with major sporting events like the Rugby World Cup this year and the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year.

Japan Rail Planner is the latest addition to the Interrail Planner platform, a free app which makes it easier to map out routes, keep track of pass requirements and book accommodation.

The idea for the initial business came as Jack and his co-founder were planning an Interrail trip around Europe with some friends and found the whole process extremely stressful.
They decided to create a website which would make the experience easier by having maps, calendars, accommodation, trains and costs on one site.

Having launched a basic version in 2016, the two entrepreneurs have been updating it ever since and the business now has three different platforms – Interrail Planner, which provides Interrail passes for Europeans travelling across the continent; Eurail Planner which provides Eurail passes for non-Europeans; and Japan Rail Planner, providing Japan rail passes in partnership with J Rail Pass.

Jack’s plans for the future include extending coverage to travel in China and South Korea.

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