We offer a number of means-tested bursaries

We offer a limited number of means-tested bursaries for new pupils joining Year 7 and the Sixth Form. These may cover the full fee or part of the fee, depending on household income.   Our bursaries are offered to pupils who rank highly in the Senior School Entrance Exam(Year 7 bursaries)/have excellent GCSE grades(Sixth Form bursaries) and whose families meet our financial criteria.  We don’t offer scholarships based solely on academic, music or sporting ability.

If you wish to apply for a bursary please indicate this in the relevant section of the school application form, in addition you must also complete the bursary application form which can be found below.

Bursaries are offered following a rigorous means-testing process which includes a home visit and an assessment of your child’s academic performance but please be aware that while our bursary funds are growing steadily, there is extremely high competition for the awards, with typically 6 applications for every Year 7 bursary and 3 per Sixth Form bursary.

Please read the bursary policy and the bursary guidance form before completing the bursary application form.  If you are confident that you and your child meet the bursary criteria please return the completed application form with the supporting documentary evidence by 30 November 2016

Please provide the relevant documentary evidence of income and outgoings when submitting the bursary application form.  The guidance on completing the bursary form, also found below, should help when completing the form.




Our fees for the academic year 2016-2017 will be as follows:

Annual Termly 9-monthly by DD (Jul-Mar)
Senior School £12,906 £4,302 £1,434
Junior School £9,630 £3,210 £1,070
Rose Court £8,829 £2,943 £981
Nursery* (part time) £5,301 £1,767 £589

Lunches are not included in the fees. All fees are due termly in advance and there are various ways these can be paid, for further information please contact the fees department on 0113 228 5127 or fees@gsal.org.uk

*The Grammar School at Leeds is a member of the Leeds Early Years’ Service Nursery Education Grants Scheme. All 3 year old children attending The Grammar School at Leeds are currently eligible for the Nursery Education Grant up to and including the term in which the child is 5. The first 15 hours of early Years Foundation Stage education are delivered completely free of charge. The balance of fees payable for the term are due entirely in respect of the additional hours your child attends the school.

Or, if you prefer to chat with someone please call our admissions team on 0113 229 1552