Fees 2017-18

Annual Termly 9-monthly by DD (Jul-Mar)
Senior School £13,275 £4,425 £1,475
Junior School £9,909 £3,303 £1,101
Rose Court £9,090 £3,030 £1,010
Nursery* (part time) £5,454 £1,818 £606
Lunches are not included in the fees. All fees are due termly in advance and there are various ways these can be paid, for further information please contact the fees department on 0113 228 5127 or fees@gsal.org.uk

*All 3 year old children attending The Grammar School at Leeds are currently eligible to claim the Free Early Education Entitlement up to and including the term in which the child is 5.  The first 15 hours of early Years Foundation Stage education are delivered completely free of charge.  The balance of fees payable for the term are due entirely in respect of the additional hours your child attends the school.

Means-tested bursaries

We offer a limited number of means-tested bursaries for new pupils joining Year 7 and Sixth Form. These may cover the full fee or part of the fee, depending on household income. Our bursaries are offered to pupils who rank highly in the senior school entrance exam (Year 7 bursaries) or have excellent GCSE grades (sixth form bursaries) and whose families meet our financial criteria. We do not offer scholarships based solely on academic or sporting ability.

Bursary eligibility is assessed by income bands available to household incomes that do not exceed £60,000.  For a brief overview of the income bands please see the below table.

Bursary bands for September 2018 entry
Gross household income Typical bursary award
0-£25k 100%
£25-31k 95-85%
31-£41k 85-60%
£41-£51k 60-35%
£51-£60k 35-10%

For more details on our income bands please refer to our bursary policy.

To apply for a bursary for September 2018 entry (Year 7 or Sixth Form) please indicate this on the relevant section of the online school application form and complete the bursary application form below.  Please return the bursary application form to our admissions manager, Miss Alice Gibbons.  The deadline for receipt of Year 7 bursary applications is 30 November 2017.  (The deadline for receipt of new Year 12 bursary applications is 28 February 2018.)

Bursaries are offered following a rigorous means-testing process which includes a home visit and an assessment of your child’s academic performance but please be aware that while our bursary funds are growing steadily, there is extremely high competition for the awards with typically six applications for every Year 7 bursary and three per sixth form bursary.

Documentation and guidance for bursary applications follows:




Music Scholarships

The Grammar School at Leeds has a proud music tradition and music is a central part of school life. We have a huge variety of musical groups on offer ranging from our symphony orchestra, concert bands, jazz ensembles and swing bands to smaller ensembles for specific instruments.  These groups perform regularly throughout the year, both within the school and the wider community at various venues around Leeds.

We offer a small number of music scholarships to new pupils looking to join the school in Year 7. Depending on the scholar’s musical ability, these scholarships may cover 15% of the annual tuition fees or, alternatively, the cost of free instrumental lessons costing around £600 per academic year.

Music scholarship applications involve an audition which will take place on the same day as the interviews. During the audition, applicants will be required to play two contrasting pieces of their own choice on their first instrument, as well as one piece on their second instrument if they have one. In addition to these performances applicants will be required to participate in a short sight reading exercise, oral tests and a fun dynamic rhythmic exercise.

Competition for music scholarships is high and we therefore expect applicants to be approaching or at Grades 4 or 5, preferably on an orchestral instrument however this is not essential. Demonstration of ability on a second instrument or as a singer is warmly welcomed, although candidates will not necessarily be expected to be at the same level as their first instrument.

The auditions are conducted by the school’s music department and the final decisions are dependent not only upon applicants’ musicality, but also upon a judgement of the contribution that they will be able and willing to make to the musical life of the school. Music scholars are expected to contribute significantly to the co-curricular life of the music department through contributing to the school’s orchestras, ensembles, and choirs. It is also envisaged that scholars will study the subject to GCSE level and probably beyond.

Applicants considering applying for a music scholarship are warmly invited to attend our Scholars’ Concert on Thursday 9th November to discover more about the school’s musical traditions and gain further insight into the musical abilities of our pupils. Alternatively, during our Open Morning you will also have the opportunity to meet our Director of Music and ask any questions relating to the music scholarships.

In order to apply for a music scholarship, please indicate your interest when prompted in our online admissions application. Music scholarships are offered to applicants who have satisfied out entrance requirements, both in the academic examination and at interview.

Or, if you prefer to chat with someone please call our admissions team on 0113 229 1552