A caring environment for pupils to achieve their best

Our Senior School takes 11 year-old children and develops them into impressive young adults – academically accomplished, but also well prepared for a much wider range of choices and challenges.

We combine the benefits of single-sex and co-education. Boys and girls are taught separately for their academic studies, but mix freely at other times. We do this because it works! When teaching is adapted to take into account gender differences during adolescence, the academic performance of all pupils improves.

The school is large enough to offer a rich choice of specialist activity within an unusually flexible curriculum. To counter its size, we have a high quality system of pastoral care (recognised as outstanding in inspections) to ensure that your child always feels happy and ‘at home’. A generous teacher-pupil ratio (1:10 across the school), small class sizes (25 at most but in practice usually fewer), a discrete provision of separate space for each Year group, and an exuberant House system all contribute to a warm, friendly atmosphere that children really appreciate.

Specifically, your child will belong to a small mixed form group, run by a tutor who meets the group at least twice a day. This tutor will get to know your child well and will be your first and most informed point of contact with the school. All tutors are contactable by email, and will provide a rapid response to any questions and concerns from home.

The quality of pastoral care we provide contributes to excellent exam results and other forms of achievement. This is confirmed when we challenge children to perform and behave to the highest of standards, in a genuinely caring environment they will respond all the more eagerly and magnificently.

Last but not least, we are resolutely a multi-faith school, as we consider this vital to the promotion of tolerance and understanding. Religious assemblies are provided for the Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths; and we require Religious Studies to be taken by all pupils at GCSE