Internet safety starts with us

Monday 12 February 2018

Last week was Internet Safety Week in Junior School, timed to coincide with the global celebration of Safer Internet Day 2018 on Tuesday 6 February.

The slogan for Internet Safety Day was “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”. During the week teachers worked with pupils to look at using the internet positively and reinforce Junior School’s golden rules of internet safety, known as the 3Cs:

  • Content – we encourage the children to tell an adult if there is anything they are unsure about (eg words, pictures, videos).
  • Contact – do not share any personal details on line. Do not communicate with people you do not know (what does it mean to know someone?) Tell an adult if someone asks for information or tries to contact you.
  • Conduct – you must be responsible, don’t write or send things that will upset other people. Tell an adult if you see this happening.

Rachel Bush, Year 5 teaching and computing coordinator, said: “Although we remind the children about the importance of internet safety throughout the school year, Internet Safety Day allows us to take time to reflect on and celebrate the use of technology whilst reinforcing the importance of being mindful of our own and others’ behaviour online.”

The children wrote their pledges on giant jigsaw pieces to represent their shared commitment to the golden rules. See a video compilation of their pledges on our Facebook page.

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