Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Rose Court moving?
Since the merger of our two founding schools, the only area of our former sites still in use was Rose Court. We now want the whole school community to come together physically, to maximise the benefits of learning together, sharing experiences across all age groups and following a child’s full development from 3-18.

Will Rose Court retain its own identity?
Children aged 3-7 will be together on the ground floor of the current Junior School, with their own multi-purpose hall, kitchen and refectory and their own library. The sense of identity will not only be maintained but enhanced, as they will benefit from a continuous learning journey during their primary years, providing a smooth transition from one part of the school to another.

How will Rose Court pupils benefit from the move?
They will benefit from new and exciting, larger learning spaces that are purpose built and resourced to the highest level, also providing opportunities for the youngest pupils to have seamless access to external learning and play areas. They will also be able to use the wide range of facilities on the Alwoodley site including the swimming pool. The opportunity to work together with older children in the primary and senior school is an additional advantage.

What are the advantages for families?
With all children from 3-18 on one site, the whole experience for parents will be much more convenient and transitions between phases will be seamless.

Where will you accommodate the additional pupils at Alwoodley Gates, will there be new buildings?
There has been no need to build additional facilities because we have been able to rearrange the existing provision. By September 2019, all GSAL senior students will have their own laptop provided by the school. This means that every classroom in the Senior School has the capacity to become an IT hub and there is no need for the number of separate computer labs we currently have.

As such, the interior spaces will be redeveloped to extend the primary area and move the oldest primary pupils into a section of the current Senior School, thus enabling us to redesign the current Junior School to incorporate Rose Court. The capacity of the whole school remains unchanged but the space will be better utilised.

The only new building requirement is a bridge under our current porte cochere entrance to form an archway to link to the new primary area that is in the current senior school. This is due to be completed in the summer holidays 2019.

When will I be able to look round the new primary school?
The work will start during the summer holidays in 2019, paused for the academic year, to be completed in the following summer holiday, for an official opening in September 2020. Parents can see the new bridge for themselves and the interior plans from this September and one nursery classroom will be set up as a showcase of what you can expect across the Primary School.

How will you ensure such young children feel confident and secure in a big school?
They will continue to benefit from the highest level of pastoral care from our outstanding Rose Court staff. Their priority will continue to be the well-being of every child. By locating all of the Rose Court children into their own part of the current junior building, and keeping their own spaces for eating, music, library etc, they will still feel part of a cosy community with a real family feel, yet will benefit from a wider range of spaces, e.g. the new forest school/outdoor learning area.

What impact will the move have on pupils already at Alwoodley Gates?
When you see GSAL pupils of all ages working together, both across the primary phase and when the senior students help out at school sports days or with young, emerging readers, it is an absolute delight! All children learn so much from each other, grow together and grow to be kind and supportive of one another. That’s the magic of 3-18 on one site.

How will you minimise disruption to school life during the relocation project?
We have deliberately planned the work on the site redevelopments during school holidays only, to avoid any disruption to our pupils.

What measures are you taking to facilitate travelling to and from school?
We have been working with a traffic consultant who knows the Alwoodley site well and are drawing up a range of measures to improve the parent experience at drop off and pick up times. Traffic management will be supervised differently, there will be new car parking and drop off arrangements and school bus systems will also be reviewed to maximise efficiency.

Will the school day be the same in the primary and senior schools?
No, we will operate a staggered school day, as we do now.

Where will children eat lunch?
Rose Court children will eat in their own, smaller hall, with food freshly prepared in the attached kitchen, as they do now.

What outside space will children have access to?
The primary playgrounds will be allocated by year groups so Early Years and Key Stage One children will have their own spaces, as will the older children. All play areas will be upgraded with the latest equipment and layout as part of the refurbishment programme.

Will pupils still be taught by the classroom staff who they know from Rose Court?

How will you fund the project and will it affect my school fees?
The funding for the project will be met by the sale of Rose Court with no addition to the school fees.

Can you guarantee a quality learning environment at Rose Court in Headingley for its last year?
Absolutely – exactly the same as now! The quality of our staff is well known; they inspire and nurture the children and nothing will change, either side of the physical move. We continue to invest in the facilities and resources at Rose Court and that will not change until next summer as every pupil’s experience, every year, is precious and should not be compromised.

What will happen to Rose Court in Headingley once GSAL has vacated the site?
Although we will be moving to Alwoodley Gates, our commitment to education and the Headingley community who have embraced us so well remains. We are keen that Rose Court serves a role in the local area, so we are working closely with a number of organisations to explore its future use.



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